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Buying a new cell phone can be a difficult task with the huge number of devices and brands on the market, it’s crazy! So today we want to help you choose a good cell phone, one that satisfies you, and therefore we bring you some 7 recommendations when buying a new cell phone.

The 7 recommendations for buying a new cell phone

First of all, do not get carried away by very aesthetic and attractive designs, because that will not promise you a device that you can take advantage of in your day to day. There are important aspects that you should consider, such as the ones below:

Determine what your needs are

This is the most important thing to keep in mind when buying not only a cell phone, but also anything else you want. We suggest you make a list of everything you are looking for or expect from a new device: For example, that it lasts all day, or that it is fluid, or that it is one of the cell phones with Android 11 (Spanish).

Once you have defined what you expect to have, what you want to experience with a cell phone, it will be much easier to guide your search for a smartphone that meets most of your needs.

Plus: You could also divide the list into basic needs and secondary needs. For example: A basic need: 4,000 mAh; a secondary need: Full HD screen or gyroscope.

With the following recommendations we want to help you define your needs and thus create the ideal cell phone profile for you.

Cell phone size

Do you like large cell phones or perhaps those that are more compact in one hand? You should know that a 5-inch cell phone is a standard size and quite comfortable in your hand. While a large smartphone, 6 inches and above, is almost impossible to manipulate with one hand.

You should therefore think about whether you prefer comfort in hand or if you have no problem using it with two hands.

Screen Resolution

Although screen resolution is not the only measure of visual sharpness, it is appropriate to have it on the table. Full HD (1080p) resolution is ideal on a 6-inch cell phone, and HD (720p) is more appropriate for 5-inchers. Still, HD in 6″ is not something to lose sleep over either. The technology, whether IPS, AMOLED or other, as well as the pixel density or PPI (Spanish) could also be taken into account.

The screen thing is more a matter of personal taste and whim than anything else. The question is: How much value do you give to the screen of a cell phone? Is it very important to you?

Battery Capacity

Well, how much use and usage do you plan to give to your new device?

If you are a person who will not use your cell phone much during the day, 3,000 mAh will allow you to reach the end of the day with peace of mind.

If you plan to use it moderately on social networks and work issues, 4,000 mAh or more may be adequate.

But if you plan to give it a demanding use with games, video editing and other heavy apps, unquestionably the 5,000 mAh or more is what you might need to finish the day safely.

It is also possible that, even if you do not plan to give it a demanding use with games, you still require a large battery to use multitasking for most of the day.

Speaking of battery, do not miss the 9 myths about the cell phone battery that you should know. So you can take proper care of it from the first day with your new phone.

Storage space

Undoubtedly another of the most important points to consider. Our recommendation is a phone with at least 64GB of internal storage.

If you are a user who barely downloads apps and barely takes pictures, trust us, 32GB is no longer an option today, as OS and app updates will make the space shrink very fast in a matter of a few months.

And since you’re thinking of buying a new smartphone, here are 10 apps you must have on your phone.

RAM and processor

In this case, it would be best to opt for one with 4GB of RAM if you place a lot of importance on a smooth experience. 3GB of RAM could present lags from time to time.

As for the processor, being the brain of the smartphone, and in combination with the RAM, it determines the speed and fluidity with which the mobile runs various operations, such as browsing the internet, opening photos, taking them, editing them, running games, etc. The minimum recommended here would be a processor with 4 cores and 1.9 GHz. The more cores or GHz, the better.

Photographic section

Perhaps the simplest: If you are someone who does not take many photos and videos, the photographic section should not be a determining factor for you. With a 13MP main and an 8MP front you will be able to have a fairly acceptable quality in most cell phones.

Other things: Gyroscope, fast charging, WIFI, Bluetooth…

Finally, it’s not bad if you know those features in a smartphone: Accelerometer, gyroscope, how much fast charging it supports, if its WIFI is single or dual antenna, if the Bluetooth is 4.0 or 5.0, among other small details. Again, depending on your needs and interests, you yourself will know if any or all of these items (and those yet to be mentioned) are essential for you or not.

With these recommendations for buying a new cell phone we appeal for you to bet on your needs. Because, realistically, the best cell phone is not the most expensive one, but the one that best satisfies you.