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How is everything? Are you ready to start an SEO content strategy? If so, great! Because this time we want to show you 7 tools to write SEO articles. In this way, you can get your optimized content strategy off to a good start. You ready? Well let´s get started!

Tools for writing SEO articles.
There are several free tools that can help us write SEO texts.

The 7 tools for writing SEO articles

The tools that we will present to you below meet different objectives, but they are all closely related insofar as they are valuable for creating content that your readers and Google like. In addition, they are all free and very intuitive. Let´s see them!

Answer The Public

Answer The Public has become a favorite of many SEOs since its launch. This tool is used to find Keywords with which to position your articles.

You just have to enter a term or keyword and it will show you all the searches made in Google related to that term.

Thus, it will show you various classifications by prepositions: What, how, when, why, where, etc. You will be able to see these results both graphically and also as lists.

In our post Answer The Public: How to use it correctly?, we explain you in more detail about its use.


Ubersuggest is also a useful tool for Keyword Analysis. Likewise, you jus have to write a keyword and it will show you keywords related to that. It will also tell you who the competition is and what content they have with that keyword in question.

Finally, it also shows you the level of difficulty a keyword has. Without a doubt, it is quite functional to know which term are more difficult to position than others.

If you want to know how it works, then visit the pos How to use Ubersuggest correctly?.


WordCounter will let you know how many words article has, how many sentences and, best of all: it will let you know the density of your keyword.

In that sense, it is very good during the writing or editing process. You copy and paste the text in the toll, and in its right panel you will be able to verify if the density of the keyword is very low, or on the contrary, very high. If you want to know how to use it correctly, click on that link.


ILoveIMG is geared towards image optimization. With it you can change the size (or resolution) and compress them. However, you can also add texts and stickers to them.

Although it offers many other options, we recommend it for you to change the size of your images. But of course, you are free to try them all. If you want to learn how to use it, do not hesitate to go to that link.


TinyPNG is very famous tool to compress all your images and thus reduce their weight. That is its only function. If you want to improve the loading speed of your website you should give it a try.

Lorca Editor

Lorca Editor is not only useful as a tool for writing SEO articles, as it is also widely used by Copywriters.

Lorca is also used during the writing or editing process, since its objective is to analyze your entire text for spelling errors, grammatical errors, too many adverbs, very long sentences, repeated words and much more.

We add it to the top because while SEO compliance is important, it is also very important that your content is well written.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics, the measurement tool par excellence. After publishing an SEO article on your website, you should follow up to see if it is giving the results you expect or not. This one here is perfect for that.

With it you can know if the article has fulfilled its purpose and in what way it has achieved it; or in the opposite case that it has not complied, you can also know precisely the cause. In addition, you will be able to know what you should continue to improve, make decisions and act based on improvements.

This has been it! Obviously there are dozens of tools to search for keywords, but among all of them Answer The Public is one of the free ones that offers the best results. You know, to optimize your articles with these tools! Until next time!