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keywords, Keyword-tool Answer The Public.
Keyword-tool Answer The Public.

In this post we are going to explain what Answer The Public is and how you should use it. You will discover that it is an SEO tool worth trying.

What is Answer The Public?

Answer The Public is an online seo tool focused on keyword research. It is free and available to almost everyone, although with a small limitation of daily searches. Therefore it has a paid version to extend the limit.

The tool offers you a large number of searches related to the keyword you enter, so you can use them for your content and answer the questions of your audience.

How to use Answer The Public properly?

Let’s take a look at its interface and its collected data page

Getting to know the interface

The first thing to do is to enter it with this link.

In the center of the screen you will see a search box. There you must enter the keyword on which your web content is focused, or, on which a new article you want to write is focused. Then you choose the country and language in which you want to filter the search and that’s it.

The way in which the information is shown to you is with graphics that will help you understand better.

However, you can also display the results in the form of lists.

What distinguishes Answer The Public from other tools is its organization system. Thus, notice that it organizes the results by prepositions: How, When, Why, Where, By, etc.

Green search level

Although this tool does not indicate the numerical search level of the Keywords nor the level of competition or the positioning faculty. It does show us which are the most searched terms and which are not.

In the graphs, next to each keyword you will see that they have a green indicator. In some of them it is more intense, which means that their search level is high; while those with a less intense color, indicate that their search is lower; and the same applies to those with a barely visible intensity, they are very little searched.

How to use the results found

You do not have to use all the keywords found in your content. You must choose those keywords that fit your articles, that can be useful to you; that is, those that fit your content strategy.

Use these Keywords in your articles to position them, and you can even take two Keywords to use them in your subtitles, as long as it makes sense and they go in the same sync.

Of course, it is best if you can use those with the intense green indicator, so that you attack only the ones that have more searches in Google.

What Answer The Public is for

Is useful for Keywords analysis, allowing you to obtain keywords that users use to search for specific topics, and thus include them in your posts and reach them.

It is one of the SEO tools to optimize your articles and make them more relevant to your readers and target audience, providing them with answers to their questions or problems.

There’s really not much more to say, because it’s a very intuitive and simple tool, but what do you think? Do you already use it or will you try it in your next posts? We’d love to read you in the comments, see you later!