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Is there anything positive about this coronavirus crisis?

The world is currently experiencing something incredible because of the coronavirus. Many people are sick, some have died and others are infected and don’t even know it. There are shortages, people are losing their jobs, etc.. But can we see  →
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Will the Bitcoin keep going up?

According to what many experts are expecting the bitcoin should continue to rise, it is even possible that it will rise to very high values in the coming months. The reason is simple, it is the «halving» which took place  →
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Yii2 Tips: migration exception – The configuration for the «user» component must contain a «class» element.

For all those who are going through the Yii2 migration exception user component, with which I myself have been struggling for a long time, here is the solution. Environment: Yii2 advanced template. Problem description: Migrations don’t work. Error: yii2 migration  →
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MySql Tips: How to change or delete a column used in a foreign key constraint

How many of you have happened, that you want to change or delete a column in a database table and it is not possible because the column is a foreign key, which is being used in a constraint? No matter  →
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Tips to save money effectively

Hello friends, today I would simply like to write a little about how to save money effectively and why saving money costs many people so much. Well, to begin with I must be honest and accept that I have not  →
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What was the strongest earthquake ever?

The earthquake recorded as the most powerful in history is the earthquake in Valdivia, Chile, which occurred on May 22, 1960. This earthquake was measured with the 9,5 Mw scale. According to a Wikipedia article, it is estimated that there  →
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List of free article directories in Spanish

You can find many article directories on the internet, and I think most readers will already know what these directories are and what they are used for. In summary, we could say that article directories are portals where articles are  →
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