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Electric Bicycle: Operation and tips (15 answers for beginners)

An electric bicycle is a bicycle that has been fitted with an electric motor and battery. They operate under a pedal-assist system, which can recognize the pedaling speed. Some useful tips about them lie in their maintenance and rules of  →
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Airbag for bicycles: 11 things to know before you buy

Airbags are not a new invention, as they are common in automobiles. However, now there are airbags for bicycles. This post will look at 11 things you should know before buying an airbag for your bike. 1. What is a  →
0 Views : 127

Blackberry smoothie recipes for weight loss (various options)

Consuming blackberries is always better in its natural state. But preparing a smoothie with other ingredients that are also beneficial to the body can provide even more health benefits, in addition to weight loss. Also interesting: Mulberry for weight loss:  →
0 Views : 170

Mulberry for weight loss: Effective or not? (study and facts)

Berries such as mulberries have been known for some years to be beneficial to health. They, with their characteristic sweet and sour taste, can help lower cholesterol and provide various nutrients and antioxidants. But new studies have revealed that mulberries  →
0 Views : 138

Are rooftop tents suitable for big or tall people?

Are there Rooftop tents for big or tall people? Camping on the car roof is possible also for people who are heavier or taller than average. Car rooftop tents come in a variety of styles and sizes, up to an  →
0 Views : 806

Home solar panels: 15 important things to know

The installation of solar panels in homes and companies is an alternative to cover our electricity consumption needs without negatively impacting the environment. This article will show you 15 important things to know about the use of solar panels for  →
0 Views : 352

How to stop pathogens such as Corona viruses

Germs can survive on surfaces for a long time. Researchers showed that a virus was passed on to 14 hands from the same doorknob. Where there are people, there are germs. Bacteria and viruses colonize all objects that our hands  →
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White mulberries (superfood for weight loss and long life)

Many failed diets are due to wide fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Low blood sugar levels lead to snacking, which drives up blood sugar levels and prevents weight loss. White mulberries have a blood sugar-regulating effect, making them an ideal  →
1 Views : 229

Gold has never been so expensive

In times of crisis like this, people like to take refuge in supposedly safe investments like gold. That is why the precious metal has only known one direction for months: upwards. And the rally could continue. On Monday, the price  →
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Danger to bees «Killer hornets» reach USA

They are called «killer hornets», beheaded bees, are the largest of their genus – and can also be dangerous to humans: Asian giant hornets have been discovered for the first time in the northwestern United States. The Vespa mandarinia can  →
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