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July 9, 2020

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How to stop pathogens such as Corona viruses

Germs can survive on surfaces for a long time. Researchers showed that a virus was passed on to 14 hands from the same doorknob. Where there are people, there are germs. Bacteria and viruses colonize all objects that our hands  →
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Danger to bees “Killer hornets” reach USA

They are called “killer hornets”, beheaded bees, are the largest of their genus – and can also be dangerous to humans: Asian giant hornets have been discovered for the first time in the northwestern United States. The Vespa mandarinia can  →
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CBD for animals – natural and effective help for animal stress

Many pets have to stay at home alone for hours while their owner has to make a living. Due to being alone for too long, some animals develop psychological complaints that break out as multiple behavioral problems and owners are  →
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How do you write a pantum? (Poem)

There are many different forms of poetry, with different characteristics, special features and topics. These forms differ, of course, in the stipulations of verses and stanzas, but also often in terms of what the poem form was originally intended for.  →
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What is a blog and what is it for?

In a weblog (also called “internet diary” or “blog”) an author (“blogger”) comments on current events, expresses thoughts and ideas or comments on links to other websites. Often it is common to achieve with completely different definitions of Weblogs. As  →
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How to ask with PHP and SQL for exactly one line of a table

Frequently it is necessary to ask for a single value or for a single line. Here are some ideas on how to ask these questions in PHP. If you want to be sure that your question to the database returns  →
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The crisis in Venezuela: A worldwide problem?

The current political, institutional and financial crisis in Venezuela is already known throughout the world. What is happening with the Venezuelan people at the moment for the obstinacy of a regime and a minority that has taken the right to  →
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Manuka honey works against infections

Hello everyone in front of the screens who suffer from: stomach problems, angina, herpes, poor immune system or other unpleasant symptoms. Don´t worry! Manuka honey helps! According to one young man using Manukana Bio Honey, he used to have chronic  →
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How does the Power of 1,000 liters of seawater feel on your skin?

Do you also love the sea and that sensational feeling you only get when you are on the beach…soft, silky, pampered skin and a sense of wellbeing. Because the most of the people want to feel like this every day,  →
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