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7 Suggestions when buying a new cell phone

Buying a new cell phone can be a difficult task with the huge number of devices and brands on the market, it’s crazy! So today we want to help you choose a good cell phone, one that satisfies you, and  →
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9 Myths you should know about cell phone batteries

Are you already tired of the uncertainty of what damages your battery or what makes it drain too fast? Well great, because we are too, and that’s why we have gathered 9 myths about cell phone battery. Here we will  →
0 Views : 204

What are widgets in a cell phone and what are they for?

It is very likely that you have been using smartphones for a long time, but do you know what widgets are on a cell phone? And even more, have you known how to take advantage of them? Well, in this  →
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Discover how to protect your cell phone screen

Best regards! With the increase in the size of cell phones, it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid dropping them and subsequently breaking their screen. However, don’t worry about that, since there are good shields on the market to protect  →
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5 anti-theft apps for Android and iOS phones

Surely you have ever lost your cell phone or in some cases you may have been a victim of theft and you want to avoid having it stolen again. Therefore, we give you these 5 anti-theft applications for Android and  →
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The 5 best apps to block applications on Android

If you are looking for an app to prevent access to other applications on your smartphone, here are the 5 best apps to block applications on Android. Because we never miss that friend or family member to whom we lend  →
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2-step verification (2FA): 5 apps for Android and iOS

If you’re looking for an app that serves as a double lock to protect access to your favorite services, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you 5 2-step verification apps for Android and iOS. As we know, on  →
0 Views : 300

Top 5 best password managers for Android and iOS

As the issue of security in all your accounts is something extremely delicate, today we want to show you the 5 best apps that work as password managers for Android and iOS. And is that keeping a different and secure  →
0 Views : 406

The 7 best antivirus apps for Android

Antivirus is already one of the types of security apps for Android today, so if the security of your device keeps you awake at night, or if you think you can further improve its defense against viruses and other malicious  →
0 Views : 319

What is Gorilla Glass? Quality protection

You probably don’t know what Gorilla Glass is, since it is an unusual term. Although, once we tell you that it serves to protect the screen of your cell phone, you will be interested in knowing more about it and  →
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