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6 good MMORPG games for PC with low requirements

Hello! Nowadays video games are part of our daily lives (especially among young people), no matter if you are a casual gamer or a gamer; and if there is a genre that provides an abysmal level of enjoyment, that is  →
0 Views : 792

5 Battle Royale games for PC with low requirements

Yes, it’s a fact, the most lucrative video game genre is Battle Royale, with titles like Fortine or PUBG gathering millions of players daily in hundreds of games. But hey! Today we want to show you 5 good Battle Royale  →
0 Views : 540

5 survival games for pc with low requirements

Hi, how are you doing? Looking for a game where you have to collect resources and that runs on a PC that is not so powerful? Well, great! Because here we have for you 5 of the best survival games  →
0 Views : 1123

5 great open-world (and multiplatform) games

When we play video games sometimes we don’t want to get into story missions (if there is one); sometimes we just want to play freely doing whatever we please. Well, here we gather nothing more and nothing less than 5  →
0 Views : 291

13 unmissable pc games with few requirements

If you are looking for good games to play for hours and hours on your computer with several years of use, then stay here, because we have 13 unmissable games for pc with few requirements. These are titles that you  →
0 Views : 433

8 great PS4 games with local multiplayer

Nowadays games are focusing more and more on online mode, and so we cover that part with 12 of the best multiplayer games for PS4, as local mode is losing interest. But hey! There are still great games that still  →
0 Views : 539

12 of the best multiplayer games on PS4

Hello! If you are looking for some PS4 games with which to spend some evenings immersed in truly recommended online matches, then you are in the right place. Here we have compiled 12 of the best multiplayer games on PS4.  →
0 Views : 388

The best PS2 games: 16 unforgettable titles

Hey ! Have you been feeling nostalgic lateyly? Of course you have been. Is not bad, as the magnificent as the PlayStation 2 was. Then, what do you we take a look at the best 16 PS2 games. We’re sure  →
0 Views : 371

20 games announced for PS5 in 2021

Here we bring you 20 games announced for PS5 in 2021. We have sorted the list in two: One for games that are not exclusive to the console, and the other for those that are. And both have been organized  →
0 Views : 345

What was the best-selling console in 2020?

The past 2020 was a year of changes that impacted everyone; all sectors were affected, and video games was no exception. Although, during the quarantine, more people invested their time in video game consoles, but what was the best-selling console  →
0 Views : 1926

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