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August 17, 2022

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What causes low back pain and how to reduce it?

Lower back pain is more common than it seems; we have all gone through this discomfort, but do you know what causes lower back pain? Here we will tell you what causes it, but we also want to leave you  →
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9 Tips to avoid back pain

Good to see you! Wait, do you have lumbago, do you work most of the day at your computer? In that case, we’d like to give you 9 tips to avoid back pain, which will help you whether you work  →
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Tips that will help you maintain a healthy brain and prevent brain diseases.  →
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What is the Konmari method and how does it improve your life?

This method consists of cleaning and ordering our belongings stearting from a simple and powerful question to ourselves: "Does this make me happy?"  →
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Thromboangiitis Obliterans Stages

This disease is also called thromboangiitis obliterans, endarteritis obliterans, spontaneous gangrene. The last name is the least successful, since necrosis is only a possible, but not necessary, outcome of the disease. Thromboangitis obliterans can be caused by the effects of  →
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How to avoid eyestrain at work

we want to teach you 6 valuable tips on how to avoid eyestrain at work, so that you can start taking care of your eyesight, one of the most precious elements we have.  →
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What is healthy eating and its benefits

We would like to explain what healthy eating is, what are the benefits it provides to our body and what tips you can follow to start it.  →
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Health Insurance: Difference between Urgent Care in LA and Plannable Care

Health Insurance: Difference between Urgent Care in LA and Plannable Care Emergency care: When you think of emergency or acute care, you probably think of people in danger of death who are taken to the emergency room (A&E) by ambulance.  →
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More advertising, more fast food

Children and adolescents who see fast food advertisements eat fast food about twice as often as children without such advertising influence. This is indicated by a long-term study conducted by several US universities with 624 children. The World Health Organization  →
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Eye Care: What You Should Know to Keep Your Vision Healthy?

When it comes to health problems, eye care is the last thing that people usually pay attention to. It seems like this area is everyone’s last priority, but this attitude can cost you a great loss not only in terms  →
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