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November 28, 2022

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How to find broken links on my website?

Here we will give you more information than just knowing how you can search for broken links on your website; We will tell you what types of links like this exist, how important they are on your site and, best  →
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Yii2 Tips: migration exception – The configuration for the “user” component must contain a “class” element.

For all those who are going through the Yii2 migration exception user component, with which I myself have been struggling for a long time, here is the solution. Environment: Yii2 advanced template. Problem description: Migrations don’t work. Error: yii2 migration  →
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MySql Tips: How to change or delete a column used in a foreign key constraint

How many of you have happened, that you want to change or delete a column in a database table and it is not possible because the column is a foreign key, which is being used in a constraint? No matter  →
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How to ask with PHP and SQL for exactly one line of a table

Frequently it is necessary to ask for a single value or for a single line. Here are some ideas on how to ask these questions in PHP. If you want to be sure that your question to the database returns  →
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Top 5 Web Designing Characteristics for User-Friendly Website

The Showcase of your Products & Services is culpable for user experience. Still, Confuse Regarding Showcase Concept for Products & Services? Your Website Interface is also known as Showcase of Products & Services. Are you looking for a Web Designing  →
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