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November 28, 2022

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Positive people
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This category is intended for people who want to change the negative environment that exists in the world. Life is full of so many bad news and situations that influence us negatively all the time. That is why we believe that we should try to see the positive things too and express it so that we can change the mood when we see that not everything around us is bad!


How to help the environment from home

Caring for the environment is an issue that involves us all, and the development of new technologies to give our planets a break is a growing trend.  →
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Is there anything positive about this coronavirus crisis?

The world is currently experiencing something incredible because of the coronavirus. Many people are sick, some have died and others are infected and don’t even know it. There are shortages, people are losing their jobs, etc.. But can we see  →
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How to make a small home office?

We want to teach you the 5 basic aspects of how to make a small home office so that it is the most pleasant and functional for your occupations.  →
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What is the Konmari method and how does it improve your life?

This method consists of cleaning and ordering our belongings stearting from a simple and powerful question to ourselves: "Does this make me happy?"  →
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How to make a good first impression

All these rules of conduct will make you create a social impact on others that will not go unnoticed and will make them remember you in a pleasant way.  →
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How to improve self-discipline with 7 keys

Here we want to give you 7 keys on how to improve self-discipline and you can be more productive.  →
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