1. About Al-punto.com

    Al-punto.com is a different informative blog with articles on various topics of interest. Tips, help, suggestions, technology and other useful information on various topics are available for free. However, Al-Punto is also a community of authors in which registered members can publish their own articles, either to promote their projects, businesses or simply to express themselves to the users of the network.

  2. What is the main objective of AL-Punto.com?

    This can be divided into two main objectives:

    a. The main objective of this website is to provide useful and accurate information to Internet users.

    b. Al-Punto.com is also a directory of informative articles, which allows internet users to publish articles for free, to promote their projects, initiatives or businesses. To publish articles on this site the user must be registered and meet certain requirements, which are mentioned below.

  3. How do I register at Al-punto.com?

    In order to publish articles on our site you must first create an account. The process is very simple:

    a. Visit our registration section by clicking here.
    b. Fill in the few fields of the registration form, and send your data by clicking on «Register now».
    c. After submitting your data we will review it within 24 hours, and if everything is ok, you will receive a confirmation email with your data to access your account. You are done!

    IMPORTANT: It is very important that you enter your email address correctly, otherwise you will not be able to receive the information necessary to log in to your account!

  4. What do I have to do to be able to write comments in Al-punto?

    If you want to write comments on the articles published on our website, you only need to write your name (it can be an Alias) and your email in the fields of the comment form. It is important that you write the email correctly, otherweise you will not be able to receive notifications of the answers to your comments. In addition, we will not publish comments of users without a valid email address.

    After submitting your comment we will review it and approve it if everything is ok (if it is not spams 😉

    When you have already posted at least one successful comment on our site, you can write as many comments as you want with the same data (name and email).

  5. Do I need to register with Al-Punto to write comments?

    No! At Al-Punto you only need to create an account if you want to publish articles.

    To write comments you only need to enter your name (or an alias), your correct email address and the text of the comment.

    For more information please read the previous question.

  6. Why publish an article in Al-punto.com?

    a. You have the right to place in your article up to 3 links to your web pages, and in this way, get more visitors and increase the popularity of your site. In other words, you have the right to promote your own business or websites in your article. Of course, we also welcome unbiased articles, which are of general use to everyone.

    b. You may publish more than one article in our directory.

    c. The publication is free and easy.

  7. How to publish an article on Al-punto.com

    The first thing you should know is that you need to be registered in Al-Punto to be able to publish articles.

    After you are registered, follow the next steps to publish articles on our website:

    a. Write the article

    b. If this is the first time you are writing an article on our website, or if you have not yet received the «Contributor» status, then you can send us your article through the Submit Article section of Al-punto.com.

    If you already have «Contributor» status on our site, which is acquired automatically after you have published at least one article on Al-Punto, then you can continue writing from the members area.

    c. The article must be written by you personally and cannot be published elsewhere, as we place great importance on exclusivity.

    d. After you send us the article, we will review it and inform you if we will place the article on our site or not, or for example, if it is necessary to modify the article to publish it in the directory.

  8. Who can publish an article on Al-punto.com ?

    Any person or company. But please, know what you are writing about, as we will only publish useful articles for others. Also pay attention to the requirements for writing articles and the allowed topics (see next question).

  9. Can I publish articles on any topic on Al-punto.com?

    No! We will not publish articles on erotic topics, religion, racism, opinion with exaggeratedly offensive words, violence, gambling, online casinos, or any other topic that could be illegal or that there is any suspicion that it could transgress the law.

  10. What should I take into account to publish articles in Al-Punto.com?

    As we informed you in point 2, the main idea of Al-Punto is to provide useful information to the users online. Therefore, it is necessary that the information published is truthful and useful. In addition to the articles and information written by the Al-Punto.com Team, any user registered on the site is allowed to write their own articles, as long as they comply with the following rules:

    a. The text must have some useful information.

    You must always keep in mind the essence and main objective of Al-Punto: To provide useful information. If, for example, you have an online shop and you want to talk about a product or several of your products, explain first, for example, what the problem is and why people should use products of that type. Please do not write articles that only advertise a product, as you would do in an online store.

    So, if the project you want to promote, for example, is selling toothbrushes, then you could write articles about topics such as: the importance of brushing your teeth frequently, the problems that can occur if you don’t do it, how to brush your teeth in the best way, the types of toothbrushes there are, what is the ideal toothbrush, etc, etc… And after you have provided useful information, then you can reference and describe your product.

    Sometimes it is even better not to place a specific description of the product, but rather, to splice a link in a sentence of the article, or to place something like «For more information visit our website: www.your-web.xyz».

    These are some examples of good articles that have been published in our directory:

    Diets and foods:
    Tips to take care of your diet at work
    The tartar sauce does not belong to us but it is ours

    SEO & Marketing, Webdesign:
    How to find broken links on my website?
    Top 5 Web Designing Characteristics for User-Friendly Website

    Companies and Businesses:
    Colegio San Patricio Madrid

    Products and services:
    About Motorcycle Trailer Hitches
    6 Ideas To Make Home Decor In The Kitchen Walls

    Real estate market:
    5 Tips for put up for rent a property

    Industrial technology:
    How to eliminate crosstalk in high-speed pcb design?

    Entrepreneurs, Remote jobs:
    Online Business Ideas For Starting A Home Business

    Economy, North America:
    Arizona Tax Withholding How Much Should I Withhold

    Gold has never been so expensive

    In general you should keep this in mind: the content of the article will make users and search engines interested in your product or project, or on the contrary, a mediocre content, or one that transmits a bad impression, or one that in a very obvious way only has the purpose of selling a product, will only damage the reputation of your project and AL-Punto as well.

    b. Do not place more than 3 links in the article.

    AL-Punto.com is an informational site and not an online store! Articles with more than three links may not be approved, or we will arbitrarily remove the extra links ourselves when we are reviewing the article.

    Think about it, the more links you place, the more difficult it is for us to check how many broken links are in the articles published on AL-Punto. We check from time to time, that the links on AL-Punto are still working. Too many links to articles would make this job even more difficult. In addition, Google and other search engines might take such an article as spam and therefore, web users will never find it.

    c. Do not place more than two photos on your items.

    In the free package you are only allowed to place up to two photos in the article! So if for example you want to promote several products, then write an article for each product and place a photo of the product in each one, or, make a photo showing all the products described in a certain article.

    d. Write unique content.

    If there is something that is penalized by Google & co. it is duplicate content. It won’t do you any good to publish the same content in several pages on the internet, on the contrary, that will only bring harm to your website and also to Al-punto. That’s why we are very rigorous when reviewing content.

    Important: We reserve the right to delete or block accounts of users who publish the same or very similar content on other websites!

    e. Choose a maximum of 2 categories for your article.

    In principle, each article should exist in only one category. Simply choose the most appropriate one, i.e. the one that best describes the content of the article.

    If your business is also local, for example, you sell cars only in Mexico, or your online store only delivers in Europe, etc., then you can choose a second category, which would be the country or continent of your business. You can find these categories in the «Tourism and countries» section.

  11. What should I do if I only want to present my company, project or web page?

    In Al-Punto you can also simply present your project, company or business by writing a description of it and assigning it to the category «Companies and Businesses», «Products and Services» or «Press Releases». If your business is also local, you can also select the country where your business is located. To do so, select the region or country under «Tourism and countries».



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  12. How can I contact the Al-punto.com team?

    If you wish to contact us about the publication of an article, or to give us your opinion about an article, or for recommendations, complaints, wishes, etc., please use our contact form or write to us at: