Cómo comprar un dominio web.

If you already know what a web domain is and you are already decided to open a website as soon as possible, then you still need to know where you can buy your domain. And we want to take this post to tell you where you can buy a web domain, but beyond that we want to leave you with 5 factors that you should take into account to buy and register your dream domain.

We assume you already have your ideal domain name in mind, but if you don’t then you might want to go through these tips for choosing the right domain name. Now let’s get started!

Where can you buy a web domain?

Currently there are hundreds of companies that you can go to; from domain registration companies themselves, to hosting providers that offer this registration service.

Deciding between one or the other is not so important, since both are excellent alternatives. However, what is important is that the company you choose has a good reputation, and here are 5 of them:





Google Domains

In the following section we will tell you what you should consider about their reputation.

5 things to consider when buying a web domain name

As with anything else, before jumping into action you must look at the terrain in front of you. So, here are 5 things you should be aware of when buying a web domain to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

Reputation of the domain registrar company

The first thing to do is to look for companies that offer domain name purchase-registration services. Above are 5 good options. But it is essential that you make sure that the company you see is accredited by ICANN, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which is an international institution that legally regulates this practice. Likewise, if you hire a quality and reputable company, your data will be more secure.

The price of the domain name

The price of the domain varies according to each company; some offer higher or lower prices than others. In this case, you must make a balance between your budget and reputation, because you must be careful with those whose prices are really very low compared to the competition; remember that, above all, we must look at the quality of what we want to acquire.

Also, in other cases, those that have very low prices is because later they will charge us for carrying out different management actions. Which, in the long run, will be more expensive.

Domain renewal time

Domains can be renewed on an annual basis or every 5 years, etc. Depending on your interests and needs, choose the time that best suits you. If you are concerned about SEO, you don’t have to be, since Google does not pay attention to the domain renewal time. The important thing is that you don’t forget to renew it, because you could lose it.

Make sure you register the domain in your name

Going back to the previous economic point, you might find companies that will charge you less in exchange for a kind of automatic registration, but don’t do it! Many times those registrations are not with the client’s data. Whenever you are going to buy a domain you have to be the one who registers it yourself, entering your personal data; otherwise, later on you could have problems because of this.

The extension or extensions to buy for your domain name

At the moment of buying a web domain you have to know if you will register one extension or several. But, it is usually advantageous to buy several extensions for your domain name, because this way you will avoid that someone else takes your name with another extension and takes away your visitors.

On the other hand, if you have several extensions to your name, you can redirect them all to point to your real domain, and thus have a much better chance of being found by your target audience. Although again, this also depends on your budget.

That’s all there is to it! These are some important factors that you should know when looking for where to buy a web domain, so you can avoid mistakes. But tell us, have you already bought yours? Which company did you use and why? See you soon!