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To exercise at home you only have to make use of different objects that you probably already have at home, such as water bottles, a basketball, a carpet, among others.

Do you want to start exercising from home without spending much or almost no money? Then you need to know how to make a home gym with homemade stuff. For the truth is a very convenient option these days, and you will save on professional training equipment, without compromising your physical health.

Don’t forget that if you plan to exercise, it is a good time to start a healthy diet with some tips.

How to make a gym at home with homemade things?

You can make use of different objects that you probably already have at home, such as water bottles, a basketball, a carpet, among others. Let’s see what you need to create a simple gym in your home.

The space and household objects you can use

The first thing is to choose what space in your home to train in. Any space in the house that is large enough to give you the freedom of movement you need is fine. If it is air-conditioned and has a TV it would be fine, but it is not essential.

Besides, with just a few pieces of furniture you could train properly, for example, with a simple chair and a table. With a chair you can do leg lifts, push-ups, triceps strengthening, among others. A table would also be useful to do push-ups if you are a person who is just starting to work out.

Making your own exercise equipment with homemade stuff.

You’ve got the space ready, now you just have to make your own workout equipment easily and with materials you probably have at home. So let’s take a look at them:

If you don’t have a mat, use a blanket.

That’s right, if you don’t have a yoga mat, you can use a blanket folded a couple of times (depending on how thin it is). You could also use a cushion that is flat, or more than one so that it reaches your whole body, or you can also use a mat. In many cases, a rug is the fastest and most practical.

The truth is that with any of them you can stretch on the floor in a more comfortable and safer way for your joints.

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Swap the stability ball for a regular ball.

You can replace the stability ball with a rubber ball, which can be a soccer ball, basketball, volleyball or other ball you have at home.

Replace the skipping rope with a simple cord, cable or other extension.

Having jumping sessions is more than a good warm-up, it is an excellent activity to keep us active, and if you don’t have a skipping rope, it would be enough to replace it with some cable, cord or other similar extension. After finding it, you only have to modify its length so that you can use it at ease.

Create dumbbells with bottles filled with water or other material.

Dumbbells are necessary for doing different muscle-strengthening exercises, but you don’t need to go out and buy a set of them. Instead, you can take some soft drink or soda bottles and fill them with water, sand or dirt, or even rice or grains.

What’s more, if you have bottles of different sizes, you can use a few of each to have bottles of different weights and train with them according to the weight you want to use.

Make a weight bar with a broomstick and filled bottles.

If a barbell to strengthen your arms appeals to you, you can make one yourself out of household objects. For example, you can take a broomstick or some metal pipe you have or other lengthwise object, and at both ends add filled bottles (like water bottles) to it, making use of some duct tape or industrial tape of good strength.

That would be all! You will see that having made this decision will be very beneficial for your health, since physical activity is one of the keys to maintain a healthy brain, and a fundamental key to have an energetic body and spirit. 

Knowing how to make a home gym with homemade things is easier than it seems; with a little ingenuity you can start exercising without leaving your home.