Taking care of your cell phone correctly.

The mobile is one of our most precious possessions, so today we will give you 6 iconic tips so that you know how to take care of your phone in the best possible way. Everything has a life time, but if we take care of our Smartphone we will be able to enjoy it for little more than its useful life has planned. So let’s get started!

6 Tips to take care of your cell phone correctly

1. Take care of your battery

Technically it is the most important and delicate component of any cell phone. If you take care of its battery you will take great care of your device.

Keep it between 20 and 80% charged, do not use the mobile while you are charging it (except for emergencies or sommething important), do not continue using it if you feel it too hot (wait for it to cool down again),

Keep it between 20 and 80% charged, do not use the mobile while you are charging it (except for emergencies or something important), do not continue using it if you feel it too hot (wait for it to cool down again), and if possible do not repeatedly use fast and wireless charging technology because they also degrade it. It is also important that you take time to calibrate the battery periodically.

If you want to know more about how to effectively take care of your cell phone battery, then follow that link.

2. Use cover and screen protectors

It seems like obvious advice, but there are people who like to wear the case, or find it more comfortable that way. Well, in the face of a drop, bumps and scratches, trust us it will stop looking great in no time.

Use covers or covers designed for your mobile model; In addition, it is best that you choose a cover designed against bumps and falls, for example those that are thicker, harder and have a greater proportion in the corners.

Similarly, if your model does not have any type of screen protection such as Gorilla Glass, it would be best for you to find a professional yourself and fit a tempered glass. Currently there are many types, such as gel and ceramic, so you can choose the one that best suits your budget and mobile.

3. Only have the apps you really use

It is normal to have several apps that we have not touched in months. The downside is that the more apps you have installed, you are consuming more internal space, which makes it a bit more work for the processor to run at the good speed as before, and that translates into a deterioration of its useful life.

Have you noticed it slow when you have had very little free space? Well there you have it.

4. Keep your cell phone at optimal temperatures

Rule of thumb: No heat! High temperatures quickly deteriorate cell phones, and any other electronic equipment that exists. So please do not expose it to the sun or the stove in the kitchen, etc

To take care of your cell phone effectively, you must control its temperature: The operating temperature of a terminal is between 0° and 35°C, while that of the battery is between 30° and 40°C. The operating temperature is the temperature at which the device is designed to withstand while it is being used by the user (multimedia, games, social networks, etc).

So the ideal is that you keep its temperature between 0° and 35°C; This way you not only take care of all the equipment keeping it in an optimal state, but you also take special care of the battery.

5. Do not expose it to steam or moisture

It is common to shower with the cell phone to listen to music in the process, but unfortunately it is a very bad practice. All the steam accumulated inside the bathroom enters the device, when leaving the bathroom it becomes humidity inside thanks to the changes in temperature of the environment.

Both high temperatures and humidity cause damage to internal circuits and components.

6. Keep the operating system updated

It is also important to take care of the software, so the most recent updates are essential in terms of security against infections and vulnerabilities, optimization of battery use, screen, mobile data and other aspects.

However, before installing each new operating system update (and even each app), first look for opinions on the internet about them. Although upgrades are to improve performance, there have also been cases in which they bring with them errors, bugs and other defects that affect the performance of our equipment.

And that’s it! Taking care of your cell phone is not necessarily a task to go crazy, but you do have to have small details with our great friend to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. For now, we hope it has been useful to you, see you in the next post!