I wrote a letter to the editor of the article ,,Venezuela will be world’s worst refugee crisis in 2020 – and most underfunded in modern history“.


I have read your article about the refugee crisis of Venezuela and now I am writing to you in response of it. To begin with, I want to say that I am really grateful that you are pointing out that Venezuela is in a refugee crisis and that its inhabitants need much more support.

As the daughter of a Venezuelan this theme is very important to me. My grandparents, my uncle and his family, my great uncles and aunts…almost my whole family paternal side lives in Venezuela. That’s why I often am looking for information and news of this country. Yesterday I found your article at this way and I totally agree with it. I think that other countrys, the international community should have spent much more money in this crisis. Sure, the Syrian refugees need help and support too, but Venezuela is right behind them when it’s about which country really needs financial support from others. Now with the Corona crisis it doesn’t get better. Since about three days two persons have been already affected by this virus. And the worst thing: They don’t have any medicine to help people who get sick. There isn’t even enough food for most of the familys who live in this country. It makes me sad every time I see my grandparents because they have become so thin! I watch documentaries and read the lot of bad news and than it really makes me mad when I hear from my friends that they don’t even know where Venezuela is located let alone the bad times that people there are going through. Everyone knows what’s going on in Syria, although it is no less bad in venezuela. I really enjoyed reading your article, it is the truth. Sometimes I see articles that invite to pray for Venezuela. From my faith point of view praying is not a bad thing of course. But in my opinion the international community is able to do much more for this country and I think it’s human rights contemptuous not to do it.

All in all there can be no doubt that in such a bad crisis every country deserves help, so I think it’s important to make people aware of this case, like you did with this article.

Elena Pacheco Rojas, Hamburg