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Posts tagged "Android"

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Android?

If you are thinking of buying your first smartphone but you do not know if this S.O. can meet your needs, here we will help you by showing you what are the advantages and disadvantages of Android. What’s more, even  →
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What are widgets in a cell phone and what are they for?

It is very likely that you have been using smartphones for a long time, but do you know what widgets are on a cell phone? And even more, have you known how to take advantage of them? Well, in this  →
Views : 475

5 applications to customize your iPhone

Are you looking for apps to change the internal appearance of your iOS device? Well, here we bring you 5 good apps to customize your iPhone. We have already shown you 5 apps to customize your Android phone, so it  →
Views : 469

10 applications you must have on your cell phone

If you do not know what apps to install on your device, do not worry, because here we bring you 10 applications that you must have on your phone, either an Android or iOS. We know that we will leave  →
Views : 547

The 6 best applications for personal finance

Are you interested in keeping track of your money? Do you want to monitor your personal expenses, income and debts? Or do you want to start saving but feel that money is slipping through your fingers? Well, for all that  →
Views : 573

Discover how to protect your cell phone screen

Best regards! With the increase in the size of cell phones, it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid dropping them and subsequently breaking their screen. However, don’t worry about that, since there are good shields on the market to protect  →
Views : 383

6 good apps for time management on Android and iOS

Good to see you again. Many times we feel that time slips through our hands like fine sand, and no matter how much we try to make the most of it, we almost always end the day with the feeling  →
Views : 551

5 excellent productivity apps for Android and iOS

For a few decades now, lifestyles have become more active than before; now we are not only busier but also more demanding at work due to increased global competition. Well, if you want to make sure that you make the  →
Views : 405

5 anti-theft apps for Android and iOS phones

Surely you have ever lost your cell phone or in some cases you may have been a victim of theft and you want to avoid having it stolen again. Therefore, we give you these 5 anti-theft applications for Android and  →
Views : 467

The 5 best apps to block applications on Android

If you are looking for an app to prevent access to other applications on your smartphone, here are the 5 best apps to block applications on Android. Because we never miss that friend or family member to whom we lend  →
Views : 411

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