Rich snippets and their importance in SEO and SEM.
Rich snippets make a website more attractive and relevant than others in a search result on Google, Bing, etc..

If you want to continue improving your organic search engine rankings, then you should read this post, because here we want to teach you what Rich Snippets are and why they are important in SEO. You will discover that they are very useful to gain relevance among users in your niche.

What are rich snippets?

Rich Snippets, also known as Rich Snippets, are so named because they are snippets or pieces of HTML code that you can insert into your website.

By doing so, when a Google search is performed and your website appears in the SERP, the rich snippet will make it more attractive and relevant than the others by displaying data of special interest to the user, such as a star rating, header photo, etc.

In this way, these elements make your content stand out in search results, allowing you to gain more visibility and be more likely to increase the CTR of your content.

Types of rich snippets

Now, these rich snippets go beyond a nice star rating, since there are different types, which could be classified as follows:

Rich Snippets of products

They are focused for digital stores or eCommerce, so that they can display relevant data such as an image of the product, its availability and other data of interest such as measurements, size, weight, etc..

Rich Snippets of opinions

Within this category would be the star rating, since it is based on the rating that other users have made about the link in question. However, there is also another type, in which opinions about a product, movie, institution or other item are displayed on the right side of the screen.

Recipe Rich Snippets

These are the best known, and in fact, one of the first rich snippets to be used by Google to display useful information. Here you can find data such as the preparation time, an image of the meal to be prepared, the amount of calories and/or the number of ingredients.

Rich Snippets of people

In these cases, among the information displayed in the SERP when searching for a person, there is a photo, their name, and a brief descriptive snippet such as their occupation and date of birth, etc.

However, there are many other kinds of rich snippets, such as those that show a navigation path, or a carousel of results (for example, when searching for movies of a particular genre), video thumbnails, commercial contact and more! In Manuel Lopez’s post he details them.

How to insert them in your content?

Now that you know what rich snippets are, you may want to know how to insert them. Well then. To begin with, the first thing to do is to go to the site. This is a platform created by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to unify all data and concepts, so that most search engines can analyze and interpret them in the same way.

After that, you have to insert the HTML code in your website, since this way you will be able to “add” the rich snippet and Google will be able to recognize it. Although we are talking about code, if you have no programming knowledge or just want to make the task faster and easier, you can use the plugin for WordPress All In One Rich Snippets. With it you can embed them in every post you make.

Finally you can test the performance of the rich snippet using Google’s structured data testing tool.

Why are rich snippets important in SEO?

Generally speaking, their importance in SEO lies in the fact that they are excellent hooks with which to send more traffic to your website and improve your professional image.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, rich snippets are important in SEO because they are a great tool to increase CTR of your content, providing information that the user is interested in knowing. Likewise, they will help you to gain more visibility, even to stand out from the competition, since you could appear in the so-called zero position of Google.

Finally, we just want to add that thanks to them you can show the user that your content and website can be the most relevant to the search they have made.

Now you know what rich snippets are and why you should start implementing them. The question is: Will you give it a try?