It is very likely that you have been using smartphones for a long time, but do you know what widgets are on a cell phone? And even more, have you known how to take advantage of them? Well, in this article we want to explain what they are, how to place them and what they are really for, what is their function.

What are widgets on a cell phone?

Widgets on a cell phone are shortcuts or elements with which you can see information quickly on the screen without having to enter their respective applications. Yes, in many cases widgets are a tool that applications have to make their functions quickly accessible to the user.

Widgets in cell phones and tablets.
Widgets are elements that help customize your cell phone or tablet.

For example, with the widget of the music application that comes by default with your cell phone, you can play your favorite songs without having to enter the application. You could also change them, pause them and even see the image of the music disc

Other famous widgets that your device comes with by default are the clock and weather widgets, with which you can know this information instantly without having to resort to third-party applications.

How to place a widget on your Android phone?

Placing a widget on your Android phone is very simple. You just need to be on the home screen and press and hold for a couple of seconds in a space on it. Then you will touch the tab or option that says Widgets, choose the one you want to place and that’s it.

Depending on the space you have on the screen, some may be added and others may not, since these elements usually have different dimensions for usability and aesthetics reasons.

What are widgets for on a cell phone?

Although at first glance you may think they are useless elements (as I did when I bought my first smartphone), the truth is that they are not. You see, beyond making your phone more beautiful and customizable, and improving the aesthetics on the screen, widgets are tools with which to automate some tasks or be faster in the management of others, and thus be more efficient in your professional and personal routine.

For example, with the Google Calendar widget, from the screen you can access the calendar where you can add tasks to do, reminders and events, and keep track of them without logging into the app. Many productivity and to-do list apps include these elements, try them out and let us know what you think!

3 widget applications for Android

There are also specific apps that will help you to add or modify widgets. In the post 5 apps to customize your iPhone we left you with some widgets apps for iOS, do not hesitate to take a look. Here we will see some for Android.


With Premura you can create reminders or events and count down the time remaining for them. An interesting idea for people with a lot of duties and little time to remember important dates such as a wedding or an anniversary, etc.

MagicWidgets – Photos Widgets

MagicWidgets is more focused on customization and aesthetics, as it allows you to place on the home screen different images -predefined or from your gallery- and calendar and clock widgets with different designs and very attractive styles.

Google Calendar

Finally, whether you want to plan your day or your week, or simply have a calendar always at hand, the Google Calendar widget will do the trick. As you would expect from Google, the design is quite simple and comfortable to navigate, plus it offers the basic options to organize your to-dos or tasks, such as the use of repeats, alarms and reminders.

Now that we have refreshed the subject of what are widgets on a cell phone and, moreover, what are their utilities, we can only tell you to check if your favorite apps have widgets and let us know in the comments how functional they are for you