The Community Manager calendar is an important tool for anyone working in this profession.
A Community Manager calendar is a working tool that the Community Manager needs to know all the important dates of the year.

If you are someone who is dedicated to the management of your own social networks or those of your clients, then you need to know what are the most important days of the year to make publications according to them and improve engagement with the public. So, if you do not know it, here we will explain what is a calendar for the Community Manager, its importance and everything you should know about it.

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What is a Community Manager calendar?

A Community Manager’s calendar is a working tool that he needs to know all the important dates of the year, from international festivities to local events, and thus be able to plan and organize future publications for each of these seasons according to the content strategy that the brand has.

In these calendars you don’t have to limit yourself to just knowing dates, since you can add information about the posts to keep track of them and thus manage your content strategy even better.

Types of calendars according to events

Now, depending on the dates, there are several types of calendars to manage social networks:  

Holiday calendar.

In this type you will only find the most internationally celebrated events, such as Christmas, Halloween, Mother’s Day, New Year’s Day, among others.

Ephemeris calendar

In the ephemeris calendars you will have at your disposal the dates that should be remembered, whether national or international. For example, the commemoration of an important character in the history of your country, or an icon of humanity for his contributions to it.

Editorial calendar

And in the case of editorial calendars, these will help you to keep track of your posts in networks. In them you can record which publications are being created, which are already published, which are scheduled, and any other annotation you want to better control your accounts.

Which one should you choose? Actually, you don’t have to choose… You can create your own calendar by joining ephemeris, holidays and post management! That would be adequate, so read on to see the online tools you can use to create it.

What is a Community Manager calendar for?

Well, as you have already seen, it is useful for a lot. A calendar for the community manager is an excellent compass that these experts need to manage and direct their publications efficiently on the right path for the brand, because it allows to know:

  • What is to be published.
  • When to publish it.
  • In which network or networks it should be published.
  • Who should create the post and publish it (in case there is a team to manage the networks).
  • Which hashtags to use.
  • How the copy should be.

In addition to that, as we said, it also serves to keep track and control of all posts, and not only of a social network but also of several at once in a more organized way.

All this makes it an essential management tool.

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Tools to create your own social media calendar

If you are a community manager creating your own calendar can be the best for your work. And it is best to use some spreadsheet software so that, working with your calendar is more automated on a daily basis. You can use any of the following offline or online tools:

On the other hand, on the internet you can find a multitude of Excel templates, so you would only have to download one and customize it to your taste and needs. This is a good idea if you want to save some time in creating a new one from scratch.

Now you not only know what a Community Manager calendar is, but also what types there are, how useful they are for the job and what tools you can use to create yours.