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The Konmari method and how does it improve our life.
The Konmari method consists of cleaning and ordering our belongings starting from a simple and powerful question to ourselves: «Does this make me happy?»

Hello! Today we want to talk to you about what the Konmari method is, have you ever heard it? It is usually associated with order and cleanliness, but it goes beyond that; it can be a good way to move forward on our path to a happier life. Sounds good, right? Then let’s get to know it already.

What is the Konmari method?

The Konmari method is a technique created by Japanese author Marie Kondo and featured in her book The Magic of Order, which became a Best Seller. This method consists of cleaning and ordering our belongings stearting from a simple and powerful question to ourselves: «Does this make me happy?» The name Konmari is a play on words from the author’s name.

For Kondo, ordering is as simple as eliminating or getting rid of what does not generate good vibes for you, and keeping what only generates well-being and knowing where to keep it.

How can the Marie Kondo method improve you life?

For Marie, this cleaning and organization of objects goes beyond just having better utilized spaces; For her, the fact that one can make the decision to get rid of what they do not need or that brings them happiness, in contrast to staying with what they do, allows eventually «the establishment of limits to what they do not it satisfies us».

This means that practicing this habit makes us work on our self, and we can be more decisive to let go of bad relationships, people and places, and consequently be more likely to seek the best, what nourishes our soul: A better job, a new partner… a better perspective to face life.

The things that you still have had their importance at some point, because at some point they were of great us to you, but are they still? Nowadays they are still important and essential objects for you? For Marie Kondo, being able to discard takes away burdens and provides new energy to live in the present and grow healthily on personal level.

How to order your things with the Konmari method?

Well, to order your belongings under the Konmari method there are a series of instructions that the author proposes.

The attitude

The first thing you should know is that you have to forget about evaluating the importance of the object for its functionality, and focus on the emotional. She suggests that you ask yourself, necessarily wich the object in hand, what it is that makes you fell.

If the answer is charged with joyful emotions, you can and should keep it. In case it doesn’t make you feel anything, you should throw it away.

Another salient aspect of Marie Kondo’s method is how to dispose of it , and she says it should be done by thanking you for the service and usefulness that the object gave you in the past. For her, this way you can reduce the anxiety that comes from getting rid of your belongings.

Among all your things, start by ordering your clothes.

For her there is a sequence with which to order your belongings, and it is starting with the clothes and ending with the objects that have true value such as photographs. For Marie, the ideal would be to start with clothes, then with books, documents, things in general and finally those objects that you know have sentimental value. This way you are in better conditions to face the most precious objects.

It is important to note that «throw away» or «dispose of» does not mean throwing away in all cases. If you have clothes in good condition but you decided you don’t want them in your life, you could give them to someone else or donate them.

The right environment to do it

To apply the Konmari method, its creator recommends doing it first thing in the morning, in a space in your house that is calm and quiet. You just have to be you, and start with your things and then go for things in the common areas of the home.

Marie says that this way you can order with a calm mind and without anyone being able to undermine your decision. Because other people in your household may want to keep something that you want to delete.

Assign a place for each thing you will keep

This principle is practically one of the tips that we apply to organize the home office: For each thing you must leave a single place where they will be before and after use. According to Ms. Kondo, for example all shirts should be stored in a single drawer and so on.

This is all! What did you think of the Konmari method? Do you plan to start practicing it? Try it! Perhaps you end up discovering emotions that you did not think you had for some material; But the best thing, maybe it will help you a lot to hold on to everything that makes you happy and to let go of everything that does not. Until the next post!

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